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Hans Heinrich Hübner; Ex Member of Chaos Computer Club (CCC) (redirected from Hans Heinrich Hübner; Ex Member of Chaos Computer Club CCC)

Page history last edited by paolo_del_bene 10 years, 12 months ago
da:  paolo delbene id3rfix@gmail.com
a:  hans.huebner@gmail.com
data:  10 ottobre 2011 17:43
oggetto:  i know ! Karl Werner Lothar Koch


Dear Hans Hubner,

I inform you that i know how really the story is finished: Karl Werner Lothar Koch never decided to kill himself, anyone assasinated him ! who and why ?

Sure, for Germany of East there was not any interest, the have only to gain, for the informations, to the contrary Germany of West, could have all the interest to kill him, because West Germany was and it's American wired.

who killed him ?

i never stop until i found the person or people who killed KARL !

CCC members are not disposed to speak, i think that you and the other members of KARL have much to say about.

awaiting your reply,

paolo del bene


da:  Hans Hübner hans.huebner@gmail.com
a:  paolo delbene <id3rfix@gmail.com>
data:  10 ottobre 2011 17:48
oggetto:  Re: i know ! Karl Werner Lothar Koch



I have already told what I know several times, and I have no secrets in this case.  I don't have the time to tell the whole story again, in particular as my memory is fading.  In my own personal opinion, it is very likely that Karl killed himself, yet I cannot be sure about that as I was not present when he died.  If you have specific questions, feel free to ask and I will answer, time permitting.  My motivation to go to any length is limited, though, so if you are unable to give me some ideas of how and why it makes sense to answer you, a person that I don't know and that I can't relate to anything of relevance to
myself, I may also stop replying.


da:  paolo delbene id3rfix@gmail.com
a:  Hans Hübner <hans.huebner@gmail.com>

 27 ottobre 2011 20:12

oggetto:  Re: Paolo Del Bene && Hans Hüebner


This is an interview that i would to publish on my website:

Paolo Del Bene:

Good Morning Mr. Hans Hübner, or Mr. Hans Hüebner ? correct me if i am in wrong :-)

Paolo Del Bene:

Please can you tell me when you used a computer for the first time ?

Paolo Del Bene:

i documentated about East and West Germany, but here in Italy, when we was child, few things were explained at that time, we studied on the books, but in 1981 i was 9/10 years old :-(

At that time Germany was again divided in: West and East, the East was Russian, and West U.S.A.

Paolo Del Bene:

When you decided to be part of Chaos Computer Club ?

Paolo Del Bene:

Which was the policy of Chaos Computer Club at that time and which is the difference with the Chaos Computer Club after 1989 (The Wall), and specially
with an opening to the West world of this last years ?

Paolo Del Bene:

Can you please tell me when you meet Karl Werner Lothar Koch, Markuss Hess, Dirk Brzezinski, Peter Carl and Julian Assange ?

Paolo Del Bene:

Which computers were used in Chaos Computer Club between 1981 and 1989 ?

A Book: "Hacker fuer Moskau", pubblished by Wunderrlich tells that you and your friends were not members of Chaos Computer Club, because CCC told many times that  was not part of their Ethics to crack secret and protected systems.

Paolo Del Bene:

With the BBS's, (Bullettin Board Systems), you have had the possibility to access to any type of information.

Paolo Del Bene:

If i remember well Karl Wernel Lothar koch told
that American spy satellites, they knew full well what they were grain reserves and the potential impoverishment of what was East Germany,

Paolo Del Bene:

At a distance of 22 years, what do you think of the words of Karl Werner Lothar Koch?

If it is true that East Germany was paying handsomely Karl Werner Lothar Koch, because he had lived ever after a period of detoxification from drugs supplied by the KGB had decided to commit suicide to want?

If a person wants to commit suicide is a more practical manner, not carrying a can of petrol, the charge in the car and runs 70 km's, you know it would take the necessary strength to commit suicide after driving so much ?

Obviously these are my considerations,

Paolo Del Bene :

I would like to know more about the role that all of you at that time and what did you think you can do to change for the better in Germany trying to sell the information to East Berlin.

The Chaos Computer Club is sorry to have left he alone, but not take any official or unofficial position, not about the death of Karl Werner Lothar Koch and does not speak of the other members linked to the group of Karl Werner Lothar Koch

There is a total silence in this regard.

 An ex member of the Chaos Computer Club in Hannover, told me that we have put in more than 20 years for having raised the stain of Karl Werner Lothar Koch and its members that have tarnished the image of hackers, so would like to conclude the matter them

Paolo Del Bene:

What you think about this?

This of course is what one person told me, not knowing his name, but only a nick in the chat # ccc I can not tell you more about this

Paolo Del Bene:

You kindly tell me how to access the BBS systems protected? How to bypass all the security of operating systems for access to information?

Paolo Del Bene:

What information have you sold in East Berlin when they are no longer covered by secret KGB in Moscow?

What you thought were important for that time?

You've got to see the film "23"? Or do you think is true is far too romanticized?

Who should be the friend of Karl Werner Lothar Koch in reality?

Markus Hess? Dirk Brzezinski? Peter Carl?  Julian Assange or Hans Huebner? 

What role did: Markus Hess, Dirk Brzezinski, Peter Carl, Julian Assange and Hans Huebner in the search of the truth of Karl Werner Lothar Koch ?

Paolo Del Bene:

What was the trusted friend who would never have to leave alone, because he had no other one person ?

in the film there is also a girl who went after Karl Werner Lothar Koch, can you tell me what was her name ?

For what little I know Karl Werner Lothar Koch, had called his FuckUp computer, you may kindly tell me what it was FuckUp?

What you would have to serve a micro VAX / VMS PDP 11-60?

Phrack speak of Karl Werner Lothar Koch on:

Obviously I made ​​copies and I have documented on my website, I would like more information on this.

Paolo Del Bene:

What role have today : Markus Hess, Dirk Brzezinski, Peter Carl, Julian Assange and Hans Huebner ?

Paolo Del Bene:

Julian Assange separately, you have heard and seen anymore?

your group (Markus Hess, Dirk Brzezinski, Peter Carl, Julian Assange and Hans Huebner and Karl Werner Lothar Koch) has ever known any member of http://2600.com ?

if yes which one ?

have you ever chatted with one of them ?

I thank you fo the time that you dedicated for my interview !

p.s: i found a list of BBS's still active:



da:  Hans Hübner hans.huebner@gmail.com
a:  paolo delbene <id3rfix@gmail.com>
data:  31 ottobre 2011 16:01
oggetto:  Re: Paolo Del Bene && Hans Hüebner


Hi Paolo,

I was put off by all your unfounded remarks regarding Karl's suicide
and your speculation around that.  As you did not know Karl and
apparently only heard "stuff" from undisclosed sources in an IRC
channel, I don't think that you have any valuable information that you
could share with someone who had an actual involvement in this case.
I am not interested in discussing or commenting on hearsay rumors.

Best regards,


da:  paolo delbene id3rfix@gmail.com
a:  Hans Hübner <hans.huebner@gmail.com>
data:  01 novembre 2011 01:37
oggetto:  Re: Paolo Del Bene && Hans Hüebner


 am i doing speculation ? you are not the one that can give me replies, i have other sources !!!
bye bye


da:  Paolo Delbene id3rfix@gmail.com
a:  Hans Hübner <hans.huebner@gmail.com>
data:  12 novembre 2011 01:37
oggetto:  Re: Paolo Del Bene && Hans Hüebner


hi Hans,

i never spoken about suicide ! you told ! i am of the idea that Karl
was killed !

Best regards,



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